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About Group Ouvert

Legacy of the predecessor SW House BSTS Networks Italia s.r.l., Ouvert is an International Group operating as Energy Intelligence Services & Solutions Provider. Its HQs are based in Rome, Italy while Group’s R&D Centre is located  in Klagenfurt, Austria.

At Group Ouvert the Research and Development of Solutions that enhance human capabilities by implementing  automated processes thus smoothing manual interventions on data never ends.

In order to strengthen and enlarge the Teams dedicated to R&D, Ouvert s.r.l.’s Founders have initiated the Austrian entrepreneurial Project embodied by Enerwissen GmbH.

The Mission

People working @ Ouvert share one goal: to provide best in class solutions to implement the full convergence of Energy Efficiency Management and Energy Related Processes Optimization.

Ouvert owns the widest Energy Intelligence IT Solutions Portfolio to sustain AUTOMATION, CENTRALIZATION and DATA ANALYSIS. The Proprietary IT Solutions are differentiated by operating scenario and specific managed energy related process. A unique trademark identifies and anticipates the core ability of the solutions meant to guarantee the advanced performances governance for Data Centers, Smart buildings, ICT/Telco & Multi-purpose Networks, Manufacturers’ Premises as well as Invoice Management or the Innovative Energy Intelligence Web Portal for Large & Giant Enterprises. Smartification is thus made a synonymous of intuitive control, aware pervasive management and sustainable evolution.