The aim of this special Panel is to explore, from the comprehensive perspective of CFOs, the avenues that lead to a virtuous smart and sustainable ecosystem in which several players collaborate to enact, measure and disclose a successful transformation towards a Smart and Sustainable Business Model in small and medium firms.

In order to sustain companies during Business Model innovation, it is required the interaction between Universities, Institutions and Firms in developing a holistic approach related to the three dimensions of Sustainable Development; an integrated analysis of Industry 4.0 technologies and a comprehensive vision of the actors involved. Particularly, cooperation between experts from operations, experts from Information Technologies, experts from business and managers is a key driver of Business Model transformation.

This special Panel is organized by SIDREA (Italian Society of Academicians in Business Administration and Accounting) Research Group on “Reporting for Smart Technologies, Digitalization and Intellectual Capital” and ANDAF (Italian Association of Chief Financial Officers) Technical Committee of “Information & Communication Technology”.

CFOs, managers, consultants, capability providers and academicians will participate to the round table discussing and providing their forward-looking views.